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Software inventory with Salt on FreeBSD

July 20, 2020

Software inventory is one of the 20 CIS Controls.

Up to recently I was not doing software inventory (and control) for the SoCruel.NU platform. The platform is (almost) completely based on FreeBSD and all hosts (physical, virtual, laptop) are managed with SaltStack, so it would be nice if these can be used for this purpose. And it can!

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Asset inventory with Rumble on FreeBSD

June 8, 2020

Inventory and control of your IT hardware and software based assets is one of the basic processes you must have in place managing and securing an IT infrastructure properly. Rumble is a network asset discovery tool and as of 2 June 2020 it is also available on FreeBSD!

In this post can read how to implement and use Rumble on FreeBSD.

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How to implement gdnsd on FreeBSD

April 28, 2020

I was looking for a solution to increase the availability of my public websites. gdnsd is an authoritative-only name server. The initial ‘g’ stands for geographic, as gdnsd offers a plugin system for geographic (or other sorts of) balancing, redirection, and service-state-concious failover.

This post explains how gdnsd is implemented at SoCruel.NU to achieve the availability goals.

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The SoCruel.NU blog is about FreeBSD, open source software running on it and IT security. It is run by Lars Wittebrood. The posts are based on my own experiences and expose my opinion. This is all made for fun and the learning experience! And hopefully they contribute to the BSD community as well!

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