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Mount a webdav share with Rclone on FreeBSD

6 April, 2021

Rclone is a command line program to manage files on cloud storage. And it also supports WebDav, besides loads of more cloud based storage platforms! In this post we mount a WebDav share running on an Apache web server with Rclone on FreeBSD.

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Run Zeek on FreeBSD Guide

9 March, 2021

Some time ago I bumped into Asciidoctor by accident and started playing with it. And before I knew it I started writing a book with it based on my own Zeek on FreeBSD Series blog posts.

This small book is called Run Zeek on FreeBSD Guide.

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Zeek on FreeBSD series

9 March, 2021

The links to all the Zeek based blog posts in 1 post.

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Monitor multiple interfaces with Zeek on FreeBSD

9 March, 2021

So far we have configured Zeek to monitor only one network interface. But Zeek can also monitor multiple network interfaces on a host. In this post we explain how to implement this.

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Install Zeek packages on FreeBSD

23 February, 2021

In this blog post we install Zeek Packages using the Zeek Package Manager. A Zeek Package is a third party plugin. You can read more about Zeek plugins here.

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The SoCruel.NU blog is about FreeBSD, open source software running on it and IT security. It is run by Lars Wittebrood. The posts are based on my own experiences and expose my opinion. This is all made for fun and the learning experience! And hopefully they contribute to the BSD community as well!

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