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Background information on SoCruel.NU, its name, this site and its webmaster.


SoCruel.NU is the home on the internet of Lars Wittebrood. I work as a Specialist Design, Development and Consultancy Services in the data centre and cloud infrastructure area at a leading provider of communications solutions serving customers throughout the world in The Netherlands. For more professional related information about me see my LinkedIn profile.


The SoCruel.NU infrastructure uses primarily FreeBSD and other FreeBSD based software like pfSense and FreeNAS. It is designed, implemented, maintained and used as a hobby.

The name

I am a huge fan of the band U2. The name So Cruel comes from a U2 song from their Achtung Baby album.

This site

This site runs on the FreeBSD Operating System.

Updated: August 27, 2018